Superior Talent Quality

How we select the best of the best

We set the bar high. When talent applies to our network, they are required to complete an extensive and challenging vetting process before being accepted into the candidate pool. All candidates in our system have gone through multiple interview rounds, coding challenges, and technical assessments, similar to methodologies used at companies like Microsoft and Google for upper level personnel. For you, this means that all E Find candidates are up for any and all tasks that might arise.

Uncomplicated, Streamlined Process

Let us handle the heavy lifting. Hire one person or build a team instantly.

Scale project teams up or down with candidates from diverse backgrounds, with matching occurring in a matter of days. No need to worry about desk space, all talent resides in Canada and works remotely.

Cost-Effective, Competitive Pricing

Maximize your budget and get what you need at a flexible price point, no recruitment fee necessary.

Our candidates work at an hourly or monthly rate that fluctuates based on experience. Prices are extremely competitive in the Canadian market, and even more competitive for US-based companies, as employees are paid in CAD. Payroll is fully handled by our finance team.

How It Works


Connect with us

Whether you need one person or multiple teams, speak with one of our seasoned team leads for personalized talent matching, or use the search function to filter through candidates.


Get to work

With just a few days turnaround, we’ll provide you with qualified candidates in your budget that are ready to get started immediately, so you can maximize your time and money.


Meet your end goal, satisfaction guaranteed

Sit back and let our talented people handle the projects that need to get done. We guarantee your satisfaction with the results.



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